This page hosts questions and answers regarding the wiki itself.

Why did you use gitit for the wiki, rather than MediaWiki (the software that Timelines Wiki uses)?

When I created the wiki (November 2014) I didn’t have much experience with MediaWiki, and at the time I was interested in static site generators (and gitit seemed like an interesting combination of a static site generator with live editing). I also liked the fact that I could work on the wiki locally via git. Since 2014, I’ve gained more experience working with MediaWiki wikis, so if I was creating the wiki today I would go with MediaWiki. If I could magically press a button that would convert everything to MediaWiki, I would press it, but unfortunately switching platforms takes quite a bit of work. —Issa

(how) should I sign my name if I edit the Discuss page (ex.: I want to comment on “merge cryonics page with life extension/aging stuff?” here: https://causeprioritization.org/@Main_Page)

I don’t think gitit has a signing feature, so you could do it informally. —Issa

(how) can I tag a user on the Discuss page?

I don’t think gitit has this feature, so you will have to manually notify the user. —Issa

What nomenclature / classification should we use to classify causes? Ex.: Is “Existential Risks” a category, “AI Safety” a cause area within that category, and “decision theory research” an intervention within that cause area? If so, then should we group the cause areas on the main page by categories?

This is a pretty complicated question that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about but don’t have good answers for. You can see my latest thinking on this here (I plan to ask this as a question on the EA Forum soon). —Issa

Who are current editors of the wiki?

There isn’t an official list of such users (it’s unclear what “current” means or e.g. if there should be a cutoff for substantial contributions). You can see recent activity on the wiki at https://causeprioritization.org/_activity and some graphs here. —Issa