List all causes on front page?

title: @Front Page


  • Makes it clear what all the causes we are considering are
  • Possible to add more explanation than is possible for the Cause_areas category page


  • Redundant, since the Cause_areas category is the “master list”
  • Clutters up the front page
  • Makes every cause seem equally plausible, unclear how much cause neutrality we should start with (e.g. we haven’t listed neutering stray cats, although this cause is popular relative to others on the list)

Some Notes:

  • Adult learning page does not exist (DNE)
  • Agrarian reform page DNE
  • Disaster relief DNE
  • Emotional intelligence DNE
  • Water use DNE
  • Forecasting page too broad?
  • merge cyronics page with life extension/aging stuff?
  • Merge mental health and depression/other mental things?
  • Combine Depression and Social cost of depression pages?