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Welcome to the Cause Prioritization Wiki!

This wiki aims to be a useful resource for information on cause prioritization. Look at the categories for how this wiki is organized, or the list below for some of the causes being explored. At the moment the goal is to collect resources related to cause prioritization on each of the causes (in particular, the Importance, tractability, and neglectedness of the causes) and to produce many shallow investigations on these causes. Goals of the wiki also has more information.

This wiki is mirrored on GitHub, where you can get a full copy of it (including all of the revision history).

Contact Issa Rice for questions.

A partial list of causes

Eventually, we hope this wiki will provide extensive coverage for some or all of the following causes.

Causes with a nontrivial amount of content

Causes with little coverage

Note: All principal causes (i.e. like those listed above) will have the category “a-cause”. (This is so that in the future, if the number of principal causes increases, these can all be found in one place, even if the list above is not updated. See also the discussion here.)

If you want to contribute

Contact Issa Rice to obtain an account on the wiki. Alternatively, you can fork the wikidata directory on GitHub, and send a pull request.

If you’re not sure where you can contribute, try searching for “FIXME” in the search bar.

See also our Manual of style.

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A note on licensing

In order to make the work done here as extensible as possible, we ask that all contributions be made under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. In particular, by contributing to this wiki, you agree to making your work available under CC BY.